Hell in the Choirstand by Titus Pollard

Rachel Jacks

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hell in the Choirstand by Titus Pollard is a well written religious suspense novel. The story mainly revolves around two main characters and their fight for what they believe in. Renard Singleton is a well-established music director at Ezekiel Baptist Church. On the side he writes non-Christian pieces that border on anti-religious. Jeremiah Day is new to Olds, MI and immediately feels drawn toward Ezekiel Baptist. He is a talent musician, so Pastor Trantham decides to put him in charge of the music ministry. Jeremiah hopes to take the music at Ezekiel to a whole new level to enhance the spirituality at the church and give it that something that it is lacking. This throws a wrench in Renard's plans that have been in existence since he started at Ezekiel. This position is necessary, despite his distain for religion, due to his membership in the Society of Tyrus. The Society's mission is to infiltrate churches through corrupt music using "demonic musical deception" and Renard has big plans for Ezekiel. The story unfolds as Jeremiah struggles to remain faithful and bring faith back to Ezekiel, but is he blessed enough to overcome the confusion and corruption that Renard has been instilling in the years that he has been there?

I believe this book has earned 3 out of 4 stars.  I felt that the story lacked a true climax that is present in other novels of the same genre.  Pollard's story is all about Christians restoring their faith in God and fighting corruption and temptations sent by Satan, while showing how easy it is for corruption to sneak its way into a church of God when people begin straying from their faith.  This book has a powerful and relevant message for Christians living in the world today.  I would strongly suggest Hell in the Choirstand by Titus Pollard to anyone that follows the Christian faith.

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