Mere Anarchy by Richard Hart

Rachel Jacks

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mere Anarchy by Richard Hart is a Hollywood hit waiting to happen! This mystery/suspense novel is packed full of action from start to finish. The story begins with an Air Force team, hand-selected for this top secret mission, traveling to the site of a downed Army plane to search for survivors and to retrieve (or destroy) the unknown cargo that was on board. Once the team arrives problems quickly escalate and many questions are left unanswered. As the story unravels and you read more about the mysterious cargo and the true purpose of the mission, chaos begins to spread. This is one story you want to read through until the end!

Mere Anarchy earns 3 out of 4 stars. I would really love to give this book 4 stars because, as I mentioned before, I could see this becoming a Hollywood hit movie. However, there are a number of spelling, grammatical, and other typographical errors throughout that make it impossible for me to give it the 4th star. 

Moving past the few pitfalls of the novel, it has more positive points. First, Hart uses impeccable details to set the scenes throughout the story. As I was reading this novel, it was easy to relate the events to other military action movies (i.e. - White House Down or Olympus Has Fallen).  Second, there are many shifts in perspective throughout the book, but it is easy to follow when the point-of-view is different. Hart uses symbols or chapter changes to show that there has been a change. These changes in perspective allow the reader to gain a full understanding of what is taking place and to see both sides of the situation. 

There is a clear message throughout about being moral and being political.  Most of the characters, at some point, have been challenged to make moral decisions (what is the right thing to do?) or to make political decisions (what is the best for me/the country?). The characters that make moral decisions don't do as well as the characters that compromise their morals for a more political stance. This change from moral to political plays an important role in the events that unfold.

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