Silence in Center by Jody Studdard

Rachel Jacks

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Silence in Center is one of the Softball Star novels by Jody Studdard. Although it is the fifth book in the series, it does not make any reference to previous books.  Silence in Center is about Melody Gold's quest to become a select league softball player. Normally, Melody would be the type of girl that teams fight over, not just because she is a decent batter and infielder, but because of her amazing skills as an outfielder. However, Melody also has a hearing impairment that requires her to wear hearing aids all the time. Due to this misfortune, Melody has been cut from three select teams, so far, after tryouts. Things start to look up for Melody as she gets a real shot at a select team. The rest of the story carries you through Melody's journey and includes some fun side entertainment with a boy named Steven.

This book would be appropriate for girls in middle school, around ages 10-14. Melody's character is fourteen and most of the other characters are fifteen or sixteen.  It teaches girls about overcoming bullies and standing up for your friends if someone is picking on them. 

Ultimately, I would give Silence in Center by Jody Studdard 3 out of 4 stars. On a technical level, I think it falls short of "perfect," but it is full of details and has a good plot. I would like to see more conflict and/or reduced predictability, but it is a sound story with a great message for young readers.

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