Souladonis by Michael Brock

Rachel Jacks

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Souladonis is an LitRPG novel by Michael Brock. The story follows the adventure of Souladonis on his journey through a world full of monsters, magic, and mages. The reader is introduced to Souladonis, or Soul, in the middle of his quest to find an elixir, or a cure for the petrification curse. He quickly meets the fun-loving character, Katherine. As he takes her on as his "servant" he begrudingly begins to teach her about how to become a mage. Soul quickly begins to learn that Katherine is not the girl he thought she was when they first met. As you read about their adventure, you also learn about the complex world of magic.

This was my first LitRPG novel and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was surprised that it reads just like every other novel I've ever read, except it is about things that I have only seen in video games or TV shows, like Pokemon. I was quickly drawn into Soul's adventure and the world of mages. This book is perfect for the nerd at heart. There is some graphic content in the action scenes, so I would not recommend it to anyone under age 13 at the least. 

I think the message in this story is about learning compassion and selflessness.  From reading Soul's story, people can learn that instead of seeking revenge you should try forgiveness and instead of doing what you want, without regard for others, you should think of how your choices will impact others.

Souladonis by Michael Brock has earned 4 out of 4 stars for its captivating LitRPG adventure! I look forward to checking out Brock's blog and reading more of the adventures he has in store!

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