Untitled: Story in the Works

Rachel Jacks

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The more you write, the better you get at writing....or so they say.  As much as I love reading books, I have never felt that I was much of a writer.  Having written numerous essays and the like for school I know that my writing style is straight to the point.  While this tends to be a good thing when writing essays, it is not necessarily a good thing when you want to captivate readers into reading a longer story.  In an effort to improve my creative writing skills, I have decided to start writing my own story.  Keep reading for the start of this new adventure!

It was a brisk morning. Abbie could see her breath if she gave a little puff. By now she was used to the cold and came prepared with her insulated leather riding gloves, a thick wool jacket, and her favorite red scarf. Spending every morning with Bullet was worth braving the frigid air.

"How's my handsome man?" asked Abbie as she greeted Bullet in the barn. Bullet was a beautiful red roan quarter horse that stood 16 hands tall. Abbie grabbed her tack box and started to groom Bullet for their ride. As she brushed the sawdust from his coat, she couldn't help but run her hands over the glossy fur. Abbie's thoughts drifted back to the day that she and Bullet had met. 

Abbie was almost 15-years-old at the time. Her family had just bought a new house with a small, but luxurious horse barn and lots of open land. Abbie was an only child and had always loved horses, so when this home came on the market her parents didn't hesitate to buy it. As soon as they were settled, they started looking for a horse for Abbie. As they approached the first prospective seller's house, Abbie caught movement in the pasture. There were four horses running and playing together, but only one caught her eye. The red roan. He was little, clearly still a colt, but already tall and muscular. Abbie knew at that moment that she wanted to take him home. Ten years later Abbie was still in love with Bullet.

The sun was just beginning to peak up over the horizon as Abbie began putting on her saddle and preparing for their ride. Today Abbie chose her very worn, western saddle. It wasn't anything she would wear to a horse show, but it was comfortable for long rides, which is exactly what she had in mind for today. Living in a rural area had its advantages with miles of open land all around just waiting to be explored. Some days Abbie would just ride Bullet around the arena or across the 10 acres that she owned, but today felt like a day to go exploring...

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