Worm by Erica S. Watson

Rachel Jacks

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Worm by Erica S. Watson is an engaging crime thriller. Bethany Johnson is a detective that doesn't know how to stay out of trouble and it's not long before she gets in over her head. Her uncle makes arrangements for her to be relocated to Buffalo, NY under a new identity. Although Bethany wants to return home as soon as possible, she ends up becoming very involved in a serial killer case in Buffalo. As she and her new partner, Geoff Baker, work to solve the crime before anyone else ends up dead, a new mystery starts to evolve. Bethany is not the type of girl to run from danger, but she has to decide if she is ready to risk her life to try to solve the ever evolving puzzle before her.

I feel that Worm has earned 2 out of 4 stars. The story lacks a polished finish. My deciding factor in whether to rate a 2 or a 3 was based on if I would recommend this story "as is", errors included. Ultimately, I felt that the errors gave this book an unprofessional feeling and that I would not recommend it to my friends, which is a shame because this is such a great story!  Aside from the mechanical errors, I found that the book was easy to read and follow. One complaint I have was the ease of identifying the antagonist early on. I enjoy books that give you hints about who the mystery antagonist is, but intentionally lead you in the wrong direction. I was disappointed that Watson left obvious hints early on. 

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